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Hospital Management Information System

The Software is for the automation of Hospital Management. As a result of successful implementation of the project, the patients, employees, doctors, administration, vendors, suppliers, departments of NINS & DMCH and other related entities will be able to get their related information on-line for effective use. • To design and develop Using Customized OpenMRS Hospital Management and Information System software to automate the working process of all the departments of the Hospital.


2A IT ERP System

2A IT all applications are integrated module base so that it operation as ERP(Enterprise Resource Planing) System. ERP Modules like Administrator, HRM, Payroll,Client Management,Accounting,Supplier Management,Expense Management, Task Management, Digital Documents Management, Various reports



2A IT HRMS (Human Resource Management System) & Payroll software are integrated with sub-modules like employee records,increment,promotion, attendance, leave, conveyance, visitor records, meeting minutes, personal schedule,task management internal messaging, group SMS, Transport management,salary ,bonus,overtime,Punishment Others.



2A IT accounting software is integrated with sub-modules General ledger, sales and purchasing ledger, project ledgers profit,loss,project,Reports value etc. – ideally within a unified ledger design to allow for real-time accounting.


2A IT Dynamic WebSite

2A IT offers dynamic web site development. Client will get admin panel. Client can change content from admin panel. Client can create gallery and upload images and videos.


Automated Recruitment Agency System

2A IT developed Automated Recruitment Agency System for agency company. For this system can store passport owner details information,mediacl,embassy,visa,ticket,okla,enzaz , accounting ,sms system etc.


Inventory System

2A IT developed Inventory System for any kinds of B2B and B2C customer. Using 2A IT Inventory System can store products ,generate barcode & print option,Stock return,sales,sales return, stock reports,sales reports,accounting system,invoice generate etc.


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